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Joy Healey

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I have been self-employed for over thirty years, and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so, that I never imagined one day I would want to take things easier.... and, oops, I forgot to make adequate pension provisions!

If you think you're so far from retirement that you needn't worry, that's EXACTLY what I thought too. Well... not quite.... I did put some money away in a pension BUT the pension company went bust, taking most of my hard earned savings with it, so - I took matters into my own hands.

I started a part-time business alongside my main (offline) business. It fits well round the rest of my life, part-time or full-time. Because it's all online, I can be "Shopping After Dark"!

The company I have chosen, after learning many lessons over the years, is Global Shopping Rewards (GSR).

The quick message is that "We pay customers to shop online, buying things they would have bought anyway."

To experience how we work, open a FREE VIP Customer account. When you shop online in well known stores such as Walmart, AliExpress, PetSmart, and MANY more you receive up to 35% of the profits. No minimum orders. No catches.

When you've experienced the cash-back for yourself, you may wish to build this into a substantial income, helping people build a monthly income by shopping online. If so, you can become a Brand Ambassador, showing others how to Shop, Share and Get Paid (and much, much more in our comprehensive training).

If you've been in an online business before, GSR will be a very pleasant change for you: no auto-ships; no buying xyz product every month; the end of your team quitting to avoid buying xyz that they didn't sell last month!

Instead of filling your garage with unsold xyz, let customers choose from a fully stocked ecommerce store (1000s of different products, hundreds of vendors). You'll also receive commission on your own online purchases.

Whether you want to start an online business for a regular second income or just earn a little extra cash for a few extra treats, Global Shopping Rewards is for you.



First and foremost I love my family - two sons and their lovely ladies, two grand-daughters and two grand-dogs!

In my spare time I enjoy line-dancing and reading crime fiction.


Global Shopping Rewards Soft Launch

by Joy Healey 1 year

At last!

The soft-launch of Global Shopping Rewards, the ecommerce platform we've been waiting for.

The online businesses I have worked beforehand have all just been building up for this one.

If you, or anyone you know, shops online, you can share in the supplier's profits!

It's a new concept, but watch this 3 minute video to see how it works:

Then click here to get your free customer account to Shop, Share and Earn, and contact me on Facebook for more help.

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